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The Truth About RV Consignment

by Adam Crump November 05, 2021 No comments RV Selling Tips
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When it’s time to sell your RV, you may have a hard time determining which path is the best one for completing the sale. Many people don’t know the truth about RV consignment, and only learn how difficult this process can be by struggling through the consignment process themselves. 

If you’re looking to sell your RV quickly and easily, RV consignment is not the way to go. If you’ve never tried to sell your RV before, RV consignment is an option where you essentially turn your rig over to another party while you still hold ownership. This third party generally handles the phones, appointments, and financing. While that may sound like an easy road to take, there historically have been many pitfalls that RV owners have encountered with this route.

The consignment process can be much more arduous, expensive, and frustrating than RVers think. Learn more about the truth about RV consignment before you sign the consignment agreement. 

Hidden RV Consignment Costs

When you’re selling your RV, you shouldn’t need to spend money to make money. With RV consignment, you may wind up spending more money than you’re told upfront. These hidden costs can add up and reduce the total you receive for your RV. In most consignment agreements, you will need to forfeit a percentage of your RV’s selling price to the consignment service. The exact percentage varies between companies. There are additional costs associated with consigning your RV that should also be considered if you are looking at this path for selling. 

There are hidden RV consignment costs that can add up and impact your bottom line. You may need to store the RV yourself while it’s listed for consignment, which means if you’re paying to store the RV, you’ll have to keep doing so until it’s sold. If you’re consigning when demand is lower, you may be paying those extra storage costs for some time. You may also have to pay for professional photos of your RV, stage the RV, or deep clean it, and all of this can add up. 

If your RV is in need of repairs, you will have to pay for all of those out of pocket before it can even be listed on consignment. Other hidden RV consignment costs may arise related to your loan, insurance, or other red tape that can be costly to resolve.

RV Consignment Prices are Variable

When you sell through RV consignment, you’re at the mercy of the buyers and their perception of RV values. While you will likely be able to determine the bare minimum you’ll accept for your RV’s sale, it’s also very likely that your RV will sell for your bare minimum price through consignment. Even RVs with the best resale value are at risk of being sold for less than their actual value at RV consignment. 

Consigning Your RV Can Be a Logistical Nightmare

RV consignment services all operate on their own terms, and some may hold your RV on their lot while others will expect you to hold onto the RV until it sells. Logistically, both can be challenging and headache-inducing. 

If you’re storing your RV yourself until it has sold, you’ll need to be available to offer potential buyers tours of the RV. This may not always be at times that are convenient for you and can be especially difficult to arrange if your RV is at a storage facility. 

If your RV is being stored on the lot of the consignment company, there are additional considerations. You will need to research the lot’s safety precautions, its security measures, and their coverage of your RV while it’s in their possession. For example, if the RV is damaged while on the RV consignment company’s lot, who pays for the repairs? 

There are additional logistical considerations, such as getting your RV ready for showings. It will need a deep interior cleaning, exterior detailing, and it may also need cosmetic repairs throughout. 

RV Consignment Can Be Slow

When you’re looking to complete the selling process quickly, RV consignment can be truly disappointing. This is because your RV won’t be sold until the right buyer comes along, and during slower seasons, this can take a considerable amount of time.

Alternatives to RV Consignment

Many RVers looking to quickly and easily sell their RVs without worry choose to sell to RV dealers who buy used RVs. Dealerships understand your RV’s value and they have the ability to quickly buy RVs. If you’re ready to sell your RV, contact a trusted RV dealership to sell without worry, without headaches, and without hidden costs.

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