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What Is My RV Worth?

One of the first steps in selling your RV is understanding what your RV is worth. Your RV value isn’t necessarily about how much you bought your RV for, but instead how you’ve maintained it since you’ve owned it. Your RV asking price will depend on your vehicle’s mileage, overall condition, accident record, and other factors that are influenced by the market. If you’re ready to find out what your RV is worth, don’t miss these important steps when valuing your RV.

What is My RV Worth to Sell?

Your RV’s exact value will depend on a lot of factors, including its overall upkeep and the current demand for that RV. When they’re brand new, RVs have set prices and it’s easy to understand what your RV is worth. But when the RV has been used for family vacations, when it’s driven cross-country, or even when it has sat in the driveway for years, its value is not as clear cut. There are many factors that play into what your RV is worth to sell, and not every RV price checker or value calculator can determine the true value of your used RV.

If you’re looking to find your RV’s exact value, contact an RV dealership that buys used RVs.

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Is There a Kelly Blue Book for RVs?

When it comes to selling smaller vehicles like cars, KBB is a trusted source for valuing used vehicles. But for RVs, there isn’t an exact Kelly Blue Book equivalent. There are sites and services that can help estimate your RV’s value, such as NADA. But just as the KBB value is an estimate, the value these online used RV pricing calculators find may not be the actual dollar amount you get for your used RV.

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So, What’s My RV or Motorhome Worth?

The best way to find your used RV’s value is to contact a trusted RV buyer who can assess your RV and the market when you’re selling. Your RV’s value isn’t just about how well you maintained it, supply and demand also play a big part in your RV’s value. An experienced RV dealership can offer you a great price for your RV due to their extensive knowledge of the market and the current demand. Some used models are in higher demand than others, and a private RV buyer may not recognize this type of value in your RV.

How to Get the Best RV Value

When it’s time to sell your RV, you want to make sure you get the highest possible RV value. Here are some tips for increasing your used RV value:

  • Clean the RV both inside and out.
  • Keep track of all repairs and services performed.
  • Inspect your RV before getting a price estimate so you’re aware of any flaws.
  • Consider making value-increasing updates to your RV, like adding new TVs.
  • Inspect the engine if you are selling a motorhome.

These are factors that can influence your used RV’s price. External factors like market demand can help improve your RV value as well, with certain models staying popular and valuable long after they’re made.

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RV Value Estimates & Buyers

If you’re looking for your RV value so that you can quickly sell to an RV buyer, we’re here to help! We offer personalized value estimates for RVs, motorhomes, travel trailers, and more. Your RV value estimate should include the following elements:

  • RV overall age.
  • Miles driven and driving conditions.
  • Engine upkeep.
  • Overall RV upkeep.
  • Upgrades or repairs.
  • Market demand for your RV.
  • Any existing transferable warranties.

If your RV value doesn’t include these items when calculating the dollar value, visit another RV dealership to get a more accurate valuation of your RV.

With nationwide locations, we can quickly pick up your unwanted RV and offer you a competitive price. Contact our RV buying experts for the best value on your used RV, motorhome, fifth wheel, trailer, or towable.

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