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Which RVs Have the Best Resale Value?

by Adam Crump August 26, 2021 No comments RV Selling Tips, Used RV Value
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When it’s time to sell your RV, you may be wondering if your RV type impacts the sale price. While it’s true that some RVs have better resale values than others, the demand for RVs is not cooling down. This helps increase the RV resale value for many types of motorhomes, travel trailers, fifth wheels, and other types of recreational vehicles. Now is one of the best times to sell your motorhome or RV due to increased demand and higher RV resale values.

RVs with the Best Resale Value

As with other types of vehicles, the resale value of your RV will depend on several factors. This includes the demand for your specific type of RV, the initial purchase price, and how well you maintained your RV. 

Popular brands such as Jayco, Airstream, Winnebago, and Tiffin often bring high resale values for their units. But it’s not just the brand name that helps improve an RV’s resale value, it’s also the demand for that type of unit. If you have an in-demand RV type, such as a Class B, C, or a towable unit, you’ll likely see increased resale values.

Which RVs Hold Their Value Best?

In general, popular or high-value RV brands are the ones that hold their value the best. Additional factors are the demand for your RV type, with units like Class Bs holding their value well in today’s market. With the current demand for RVs, virtually all brands and models are holding their value better than years past, making it the perfect time to sell your RV!

Timing Impacts Your RV’s Resale Value

As with many markets, your used RV resale value is also influenced by supply and demand. Luckily, RV owners are on the winning side of this equation. There is a strong demand for used RVs, and some RV dealerships are ready to purchase your used RV for a price that matches this demand. If you’re looking to maximize your RV resale value, now is the perfect time to take advantage of the current used RV market and sell your RV for a higher value. There are several ways to sell your RV or motorhome.

So, What’s My RV Worth?

The value of your exact RV will depend on several factors such as its age, mileage, and upkeep. To maximize the price you get for your RV, it’s recommended to contact RV dealers who buy used RVs.

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