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Do I Need to Report the Sale of My RV on My Taxes?

by Adam Crump February 19, 2022 No comments RV Selling Tips
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There are a lot of considerations RVers have during tax season such as their options for RV tax deductions or their responsibilities for reporting RV sales on tax returns. If you’ve sold your RV in the past tax year, you may need to report on the sale for tax purposes. Before you sell your RV or submit your tax paperwork after selling your rig, learn more about your responsibilities for reporting the sale for the purpose of taxes. 

We recommend speaking with your tax service about your specific RV tax reporting needs to ensure you’re in compliance with your specific state and federal tax considerations. 

Do I Need to Report the Sale of My RV on My Taxes?

Sometimes, you’ll need to report the sale of your RV on your taxes. If you sell your RV for a gain, making more off the sale of your RV than what you paid for the RV, you’ll need to report this RV income to the IRS. In general, this is reported as long-term capital gains. 

If you purchased your RV for a higher price than you’re selling it for, you most likely will not need to report the sale of your recreational vehicle to the IRS. That’s because, though you made money from selling the RV, you did not make more than your initial purchase cost and thus it is not seen as a gain in the eyes of the IRS. 

RV Income Tax Basics

Income tax is reported when you’ve received income of some kind or another such as wages from a job, money from dividends, Social Security payments, and other types of income. If you rent your RV out, whether full-time or for just part of the year, you’ll need to report income taxes for the money made from renting out your RV. 

Luckily, depending on the expenses associated with renting out your RV, you may be able to get some deductions for the investments you’re making in your rental business. For example, repairs that have improved your RV’s decor and RV value to entice more renters may be deductible. Check with your tax professional to determine your RV income tax responsibilities and options for deductions. 

Selling Your RV Easily

Wondering how to sell an RV quickly while still getting the right paperwork you need for tax purposes? Contact RV dealerships that make it easy to sell quickly and also provide accurate paperwork for any tax reporting you may need. 

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