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What to Know About Selling an RV with a Loan

by Adam Crump July 29, 2021 No comments RV Selling Tips
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Your RV was an exciting purchase when you first got the keys, but now you’re ready to sell your rig. Whether you’re putting the sale price of your current RV towards a new setup or you’re selling without buying another recreational vehicle, it’s important to understand the details of selling an RV with a loan. 

If you’re ready to sell your RV but it has an existing loan, don’t worry! We buy RVs with loans, contact us to sell your RV quickly

Do I Need to Pay My Loan Off Before Selling My RV?

If you’re selling your RV to a dealership that buys used RVs, you may not need to pay off your existing RV loan. At RV Buyer, we offer cash for RVs and we’ll take care of paying off your existing loan. So, you can sell us your RV even if it has a loan! We’ll offer quick payment for your RV and take care of your existing loan. 

In some cases, you will need to settle on your existing RV loan before you can sell your RV. Not all RV buyers take care of your existing financing, and this is especially true if you’re selling to a private buyer. If you’re selling your RV to a private buyer or through RV consignment, you’ll likely need to settle your existing loan yourself. For some private buyers, they ask that your existing loan is settled in full before you even list the RV for sale. 

How to Sell Your RV Without Paying Back the Loan

Many people know their RV fair market value, but they don’t know how to sell their rig, especially if it has an existing lien or loan. When you’re selling to a private buyer, you’ll likely need to pay back your RV loan yourself. But if you’re ready to sell your RV without paying back your loan, you have options for an easy sale. 

To sell your RV without paying back the loan, contact an RV dealership that buys used RVs. Dealerships have the cash on hand to offer you a fair price for your rig and to handle your loan, paperwork, pay-offs, title work, and any other needs. It’s easy to sell your RV with a loan, just contact our team at RV Buyer! 

Preparing to Sell Your RV with a Loan

If you’re ready to sell your RV with a loan, we invite you to get started by learning about how to sell an RV. The process is much easier than you’d think! Because your RV has a loan, we also suggest gathering any paperwork relating to the loan, such as recent payment receipts, the original loan paperwork, and any other information. 

Getting Your Best RV Price

An existing loan shouldn’t destroy your used RV value. At RV Buyer, we understand that many people who are ready to sell their rigs often have loans, warranties, or other considerations that can impact the selling process. We’re here to help by taking care of the entire process for you so you can quickly and easily sell your RV. Contact us today to get the best price for your RV with a loan! 

Easy RV Sales

Ready to get cash for your RV? Whether you’re trading in or selling your RV outright, it’s easy with The RV Authority!

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