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Understanding RV Fair Market Value

by Adam Crump March 18, 2021 No comments Used RV Value
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If you’re looking to sell your RV, you’re likely wondering how much you can get for your used RV, motorhome, fifth wheel, travel trailer, or toy hauler. It starts with understanding your RV FMV, also known as the RV fair market value. When you understand your RV’s fair market value, you’ll be more informed throughout the selling process. Learn more about RV FMV, especially used RV FMV, below.

What is RV Fair Market Value?

All vehicles, whether new, used, RVs, or other types of vehicles, have a fair market value. This is a general price that the vehicle is worth depending on multiple factors. RV fair market value is the average price your RV is worth, though the exact price you get for your used RV will depend on additional factors. For RVs, there is a fair market value for both new and pre-owned RVs. 

When you’re selling your RV, you want to understand what the RV’s fair market value is. This is an average price range for your RV type, year, and general condition. Additional factors like model demand, availability, and comparable RV prices will also influence the RV FMV. 

The most common factors that influence RV fair market value include:

  • Original RV MSRP when it was new.
  • The RV’s current condition and upkeep.
  • Value of comparable RVs sold recently.
  • RV mileage.
  • The demand for your RV.
  • Any add-ons or accessories on your RV.
  • The time of year you’re selling your RV.

These are not the only factors that can influence your RV FMV, but having an understanding of these can help determine your RV’s fair value on the current market.

How Seasonality Changes RV Fair Market Value

While your RV may have been purchased for one price, its FMV when it is pre-owned will vary and seasonality can influence its fair market value. Different seasons bring boosts or deductions to RV values. For example, RV values may increase when RVers are looking to hit the road seasonally. This doesn’t apply as much in warm weather areas though, where RV values are not as influenced by the seasons.

How to Find Your RV Fair Market Value

While websites like NADA offer guidelines on used RV pricing, they are not the standalone answer for RF FMV. This is because your specific RV will have its own fair market value that can’t be determined by an online form. It requires inspection and analysis from RV experts, such as our team at RV Buyer. 

Because your RV’s fair market value is influenced by factors like demand, general upkeep, the current market, previously sold comparable RVs, and age, it’s best to get your RV FMV from an expert who understands all these factors. To find your RV’s fair market value, contact our team at RV Buyer.

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